Mi 08.06. WAR CLOUD (usa)

Support: + Special Guest

Doors: 19:00 Uhr Start: 20:00 Uhr HC-Family e.V.

-WAR CLOUD- (usa)
+ special Guest
Doors: 19 Uhr — Start: 20 Uhr
VVK: € 10 – Online & bei Shock Records (OS-Altstadt/Mi.-Sa. ab 11 Uhr)
AK: € 14INFO: War Cloud is a young band but far from wide-eyed innocents. Their musical history drenched in molten riffs across the timeline of heavy metal, the name alone originates from a Wicked Lady song of the same title. With roots encompassing Tony’s tenure in San Francisco’s heavy thrash tinged Hell Fire, Carson’s melding of hard rock rhythm and old-school groove on bass, and Joaquin pounding his drums as if possessed by the ghost of John Bonham himself. War Cloud has created a new flavor of heavy rock music for those enjoying past meals served up by the likes of Pentagram, UFO, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath.This is modern metal sophistication dipped deep in ‘70’s heavy fuzz rock.

Tickets: VVK: 10,00 € zzgl. Gebühren · AK: 14,00€

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