So 10.02. CHROME DIVISION – One Last Ride Tour

Support: Virgina Hill + Crossplane

Doors: 16:00 Uhr Start: 17:00 Uhr HC-Family e.V.


Die norwegische Hardrock / Heavy Metal Band Chrome Division wird 2004 von dem Dimmu Borgir Frontmann Shagrath und seinem engen Freund Lex Icon (The Kovenant), zusammen mit dem Bassisten Björn Luna von Ashes To Ashes, gegründet. Shagrath ist an der Gitarre tätig, Lex übernimmt die Drums, in dem The Carburetors Sänger Eddie Guz finden sie eine geeignete Stimme fürs Mikro und die Leadgitarre übernimmt Ricky Black. Dreckiger Rock’n’Roll im Stil von MOTÖRHEAD ist ab sofort angesagt und so zeigen sich Chrome Division im Proberaum von ihrer wildesten Seite.

Ein Jahr nach der Gründung verlässt Lex schon wieder die Band und Minas Tirith-Schlagzeuger Tony White übernimmt seinen Platz. Im Winter 2005 gehen Chrome Division in die Panzer Studios, um Doomsday Rock’n’Roll aufzunehmen. In Nuclear Blast finden sie ein Label, das die Scheibe im Juli 2006 veröffentlicht. Im gleichen Monat treten die Jungs zum ersten Mal gemeinsam öffentlich auf. Es gibt leider nicht viele Konzerte, da Shagrath auch viel in der Band Dimmu Borgir tätig ist, doch weitere Alben und Konzerte waren in Planung.

Im Frühjahr 2008 entern Chrome Division wieder einmal das Studio, um Booze, Broads and Beelzebub aufzunehmen. Vom Stil hat sich nichts geändert, die Scheibe ist genau so rockig wie der Vorgänger, und sogar von ZZ Top existiert in diesem Album ein Coversong mit „Sharp Dressed Man“

In der Zwischenzeit ist Chrome Division für Shagrath mehr als nur eine Nebengruppe geworden und gibt überraschend viele Konzerte. Eddie wird aufgrund seiner unmotivierten Haltung aus der Band gekickt und an seine Stelle tritt Athera von Susperia, ab sofort bekannt als Shady Blue.

Dass Shady Blue stimmlich locker mit seinem Vorgängers mithalten kann, beweist er mit dem dritten Album 3rd Round Knockout, das im Mai 2011 ebenfalls von Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht wurde. Eine unglaublich abwechslungsreiche, auch leicht bluesige Scheibe.

Das folgende Album Infernal Rock Eternal wurde am 17.01.2014 veröffentlicht. Das Album enthält ebenfalls den Song „Endless Nights“, welcher bereits vorher digitale Single erhältlich war.

Shagrath is well known from his band Dimmu Borgir, but not everybody knows that there’s a different side to this guy: his love for dirty Rock and Roll. This was long an unexposed side to him. During the summer of ’04 he summoned his long time friends Lex Icon of The Kovenant and Luna of Ashes to Ashes, respectively on drums and bass guitar. Suddenly they were a trio. During months of rehearsing and beer drinking, the band CHROME DIVISION took shape.

Then came the task of finding the right vocalist. They needed a front man with a real in-your-face attitude. Several guys were considered, but none could meet the demands. Then Luna contacted Eddie Guz, from the rock’n roll band The Carburetors. January ’05 this sneering bulldog entered the rehearsing place, and he fitted the band like a glove. Furthermore he was the only one who had long time experience in the field of rock’n roll.

On this point they were close to perfect. It was only missing that last ingredient. And for the extra hot spice Ricky Black was dragged in. And from day one he delivered amazing guitar bending solos. From this point it was evident that CHROME DIVISION was to be more than just a side project.

From now on they were like a force, spawning stripped down groovy rock’n roll, with a primitive attitude. Strongly determined to go their own ways. To put it short, the labeled their music: Doomsday Rock n‘ Roll. A slight drawback was in summer ’05 when Lex Icon had to leave the band. No hard feelings, but there were circumstances that made him unable to rehearse. However the replacement was imminent. Tony from the singular band Minas Tirith, came pronto. He’s a steady and deadly precise drummer. So the band continued even stronger. These five Norwegian road bandits, had the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound.


After releasing the highly successful albums; „Doomsday Rock N` Roll“ (2006) and „Booze, Broads, & Beelzebub“ (2008) the band were held back from entering the live scene due to immense activity with the members other bands, so it remained a dormant volcano of pure energy.

In February 2009, however, an offer to play the Winterfire Festival in Germany came along and the band were set to make their very first international appearance. Unfortunately just 3 weeks prior to the show, Eddie Guz had to cancel his participation. Really wanting to do the show, the band contacted Pål Mathiesen (Athera of Susperia) and pitched the idea for him to step in and replace Eddie at the festival. Knowing little to nothing about the material, he managed to rehearse the whole set in the limited time and the performance was praised the best act of the whole festival by German media.

Pål was later that year offered the permanent position as vocalist due to Eddie not being able to commit to the band`s future plans. Pål took the stage name Shady Blue. They went on to record „Third Round Knockout“ (2011) and played yet another festival in Germany and a headline show in London.
Luna, upon becoming a father, decided this was to be his last album with the band and left on friendly terms giving up the bass slot to long time session-guitarist Ogee. Ricky Black was releaved of his duties shortly after due to his lack of commitment to the band`s new found level of activity. A replacement was hunted high and low, bearing in mind the huge talent that had been lost. The search was not easy but when Damage Karlsen was one minute into his audition at the CD headquarters he had already nailed it down by himself. An even bigger talent for the lead guitars was brought into the fold.

The band is heavily into the creation of their fourth album which will be something the world would never expect. A perfect blend of dirty rock, stoner and even elements of metal. An intense and highly creative album is in the making and will hit the streets this year. Chrome Division is set to play more shows this year than ever combined in their existence, and will become highly active on the live scene in the future as well. A new era has begun.


SHAGRATH (Dimmu Borgir)
SHADY BLUE (Susperia)
TONY WHITE (Minas Tirith)
OGEE (Mortiis, Shot at Dawn)


VVK 22 € // AK 27 €

Tickets: VVK: 24,54 € zzgl. Gebühren · AK: 27,00€

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