Sa 23.07. -BULLET- (swe)

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Doors: 19:00 Uhr Start: 20:00 Uhr Fremdveranstaltung

„Carlos Konzerte präsentiert“
-BULLET- (swe) – „Live im Bastard“
Doors: 19 Uhr – Start: 20 Uhr
VVK: & bei Shock Records (OS-Altstadt/Mi.-Sa.ab 11 Uhr)INFO: Bullet is a Swedish heavy metal band, founded in Växjö in 2001 by Hampus Klang and Dag „Hell“ Hofer. The band released their first demo Heavy Metal Highway 2002 and released their album Heading for the Top in 2006 on Black Lodge record label.[1] Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson played the Bullet song Turn it up loud from their album Heading For The Top on his radio program on BBC 2006.In 2008, Bullet released their second album, Bite the Bullet. On June 21, 2009, Bullet played with AC/DC at Ullevi in Gothenburg and October 3, 2009, Bullet played two songs in the Globe (around 15,000 people) before the NHL match between Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis.[2] Their third album, Highway Pirates, was released in early 2011.The guitarist Hampus Klang has also played in the grind metal band, Birdflesh.[3] and the bassist Adam Hector sang in the hardcore band, Path of No Return.[4]The band has played with acts, Ambush and Dead Lord, who are also from Växjö.

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