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Doors: 16:00 Uhr Start: 17:00 Uhr HC-Family e.V.

So.17.02.2024. –Sunday Matinee–
+ Special Guests
VVK: € 18 im Club (Kasse), bei Shock Records (OS-Altstadt/Mi.-Sa. ab 11 Uhr) und Online via:…/bastard-club-os…Extermination Dismemberment
“Oh, look,” I hear you say, rolling your eyes so hard you can see your own frontal lobe. “Another slam band with a gory name with gory cover art and gory song titles. How interesting.”
Hold the sarcasm, Mr. Negative! What we have here is something amazing. Brutal death metal with lots of slams and lots of ferocious energy! And when I say energy, I mean fuckin’ energy. This album doesn’t just slam at half-pace, but also produces some intense brutal death with some fantastic drumming to boot. I’m certain that the energy here is helped along by the immense production job. Everything is loud and there’s no room to really move or take a breath. This is a strong contributor to why the album remains strong throughout. The drumming is loud but not overpowering, and the guitars sound thick and meaty, whether they’re slamming their way through a song, or become more riff-based.

Tickets: VVK: 18,00 € zzgl. Gebühren · AK: 24,00€

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